Dobermans (and a few other breeds) Available Through Our Website

We try to maintain updated listings for three categories of dogs. First, on the Rescue Dogs page are listed the dogs you can adopt through our organization.

Second, on the Referral Dogs page, we list dogs that we have not been able to take into our program, but whose owners are looking to rehome. With today's economy, good people are finding, through no fault of their own, that they can no longer care for or keep their Dobermans. The dogs listed on our referral page are all spayed or neutered (we verify this with the owner's vet before we agree to list them) although usually we have never seen the dogs so we cannot vouch for their health, temperament or overall condition. Usually the owners are pretty good at telling us when they have placed their dog, they get tired of the phone calls or emails. But sometimes they forget, so there may be out of date listings on the Referral Dog page.

Finally, on the Shelter Dogs page, we list dogs, usually Dobermans, that we are unable to take into our program and that are in shelters. Sometimes the shelters are too far away, sometimes the dogs have bite histories, sometimes we are just plain full. Dogs in shelters usually have a very short time to be adopted. Typically just a few days, depending on how full the shelter is. When a shelter has reached out to us and asked us to list a dog on our Shelter Dogs page, that usually means someone calling them immediately will be in time. Unfortunately, the shelters are so busy, they usually forget to let us know when a dog has been adopted or euthanized and is no longer available. So we apologize in advance that there are likely to be outdated listings on the Shelter Dog page.

Important Information

In order to adopt a dog from Doberman Rescue of North Texas, you need to first complete an Adoption Application and have it approved.

Individuals seeking to place a dog will generally have some questions for you since they are looking to give away a family member.

Shelters, generally, are not too selective in screening applicants. In many cases you will be expected to pay for spay/neuter on your own, plus whatever health care the dog needs.

Approved applicants are invited to come to Doberman rescue of North Texas to meet our dogs. We hold an Open House most Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (and ONLY on Sunday).

We generally limit our adoptions to people who live within a three hour drive of DFW airport. The exceptions are where we have a member living in the area who can provide a safety net for an adopted dog in need.

If you live outside our adoption area, please apply to a rescue closer to you or try a referral or shelter dog if there is one listed in your area.

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