Important Information

This list is updated in real time as we make dogs ready for adoption and adopt them out.

If you are interested in adopting a Doberman from us please fill out our adoption application as the first step in the adoption process. We will process your application and discuss it with you by email.

We hold an open house every Sunday. After you have submitted an application and we have processed and approved it, we will invite you to come and meet the dogs.

Please Note: In order to fund the substantial veterinary care we provide for our dogs we ask for a $225 donation for adult Dobermans with natural ears, $300 for adults with cropped ears, $400 if they are adults with a perfect crop, and $350 for purebred puppies. (Note: A Doberman is a puppy until it reaches one year in age). Mixes are $125. We accept cash or checks only. No credit cards or debit cards. The information printed on the check must match the driver's license name and address.

All adoptions are on a first come, first served basis.

If you are only interested in a particular dog, especially if you live a long way away, get here at 10:00 AM. The reason you want that particular dog may be precisely why someone else is going to want it too.

We only adopt to people who have completed an application and have been approved.

If we have not had time to review your application you should wait another week before you come to Open House. We are sorry but we generally do not have the staff to pull dogs out of their runs to show to unapproved applicants.

With few exceptions, we only adopt to people who live within a five hour drive of DFW airport.

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