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For 27 years, the Doberman Rescue of North Texas (DRNT) has been rescuing and placing purebred, unwanted, or abandoned Doberman Pinschers in loving homes. Many of the Dobermans we rescue come from shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Each dog is checked by a vet, brought up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworms, treated for any illnesses or medical problems that are found, and micro-chipped. Without exception, all dogs are spayed or neutered.


The dogs come to live at Doberhof, our Doberman-only private shelter in Grand Prairie. Doberhof accommodates up to 22 dogs in 11 air-conditioned and heated runs with comfortable beds and classical music. We have outdoor play yards where they exercise, sunbathe, chase squirrels and rabbits, and do other important doggy activities. We have limited additional capacity for dogs in sick bay and foster homes. When a suitable adopter makes the right choice, each dog is adopted to what we hope is a forever home. We normally have puppies up to mature dogs available, and will work with the adopter to find the best match. 

DRNT is a Texas Corporation non-profit agency, and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3.



President: Julie Munford

Secretary: Tracy Charters 

Treasurer: Rosanna Brown



Anisha Arun, Forrest Barnette, Rosanna Brown, Sarah Metler Bulleri, Steve Bulleri, Mike Chapman, Steve Charters, Tracy Charters, Laurie Crowe, Charles Daniels, Annette DiMarco, Lynn Eggers, Angie Elkins, Joe Fernandez, Debbie Gabriel, Mark Griffin, Michelle Griffin, Ronda Hay, Ray Henry, Charlene Herodes, Greg Keating, Lexie Krenek, Bill Lamedica, Willi Lamedica, Toni Lewis, Cole Maryak,  Max Montgomery, Julie Munford, Arun Natarajan, Renee Reinke, Sondra Sanford, Carla Scannicchio, Steve Simmons, Becca Smith, John Stancoff, Lacy Starnes, Holly Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Martin Thomas, Megan Tiedtke, Michael Uskovich, Ruby Vansickle, Nandhini Velusamy, Martha Ward, and Sabrina Wise


We are devoted to Dobermans.

Since our inception, we have placed over 4,100 Dobermans (and a few other breeds) in incredible adoptive homes. Our placement rate has increased over 300% since 1994! 

With increased numbers, comes increased cost and responsibility. We are completely dependent on the generosity of our supporters, donors and volunteers to continue to do what we do.  As such, we ALWAYS need help. To find out more about how to get involved with DRNT, visit our Get Involved page. You can also click the below button to support DRNT!

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