Cell Phone Donation

What did you do with your old cell phone when you upgraded last time?

I bet it is still in a box at the back of your closet or the corner of your garage. Collecting dust. Taking up space. Getting older. Doing nothing.

We are here to help.

CollectiveGood creates financially productive partnerships with charities and companies to ensure that the benefits of mobile phones are maximized, and their environmental impact is minimized. Do you have an old or unused cell phone in the back of a drawer or in a box in the garage? Dispose of that phone responsibly and at the same time help us raise much needed funds by donating your old cell phones to CollectiveGood.

You can find us on CollectiveGood's list of animal charities. Or you can go straight here and start the donation process. Just follow their directions.

Thank-you! You just helped us take care of a dog!

Making a Donation

CollectiveGood will send you a tax receipt for any phone you donate to them.

If you donate by cash, Paypal, or check, the IRS requires we keep a record of who donates what. If you need an annual receipt totalling all your donations, please let us know.

If you are donating goods you purchased, please keep your receipt. We can issue you a donation receipt for the amount of the donation as shown on the receipt.

Please note that anything you receive of value in exchange for a donation reduces the tax deductible amount of the donation by the value of the thing received.

We do not know the IRS rules for deducting an adoption donation (presumably the value of the dog approximates the donation). So we do not issue donation receipts for adoption donations.

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