Dog Food

Most of opur dog food is donated. Typically we feed a blend of what we have on hand.

If you would care to donate some food, just show up on Sunday with your donation. Our volunteers will gratefully help you unload your car and store the food in our shelter building.

For dogs that lack appetite or have special dietary needs, our volunteers purchase canned dog food from their own pockets. From time to time, dog food suppliers have shipped us partial pallets of canned food that have been a Godsend.

Making a Donation

If you donate by cash, Paypal, or check, the IRS requires we keep a record of who donates what. If you need an annual receipt totalling all your donations, please let us know.

If you are donating goods you purchased, please keep your receipt. We can issue you a donation receipt for the amount of the donation as shown on the receipt.

Please note that anything you receive of value in exchange for a donation reduces the tax deductible amount of the donation by the value of the thing received.

We do not know the IRS rules for deducting an adoption donation (presumably the value of the dog approximates the donation). So we do not issue donation receipts for adoption donations.

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