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Donate Items

As a non-profit, we completely operate off of donations from people like you! Without your support, there is no way we would be able to continue to meet our mission. We are so grateful for donor support!

​If you are interested in donating items to our organization, we will be more than happy to accept them. We have a list of recurring needs below, as well as an Amazon Smile account where you can order needs off of our Wish List and have them shipped directly to us. We also receive a small percentage back directly from Amazon if you shop under and select us as your charity! 


We always welcome in-person drop-offs as well. Please reach out to Julie if you would like to bring items by the shelter so we make sure someone is there to meet you! Our address is:



Doberman Rescue of North Texas (DRNT)

2021 Rock Creek Drive   

Grand Prairie, TX 75050-2237

Dog Food

Most of our dog food is donated. Typically we feed a blend of what we have on hand.

If you would care to donate some food, you are more than welcome to just show up on Sunday with your donation. Our volunteers will gratefully help you unload your car and store the food in our shelter building.

For dogs that lack appetite or have special dietary needs, our volunteers purchase canned dog food from their own pockets. From time to time, dog food suppliers have shipped us partial pallets of canned food that have been a Godsend.

First Aid Supplies

Gauze squares (4x4), medical tape, vet wrap, elasticon, Vetericyn spray.

Hot Dogs

Sounds funny, but they are a great training must-have. We chop them into small pieces, then microwave them until they are crunchy, and use them as tempting treats when training the dogs

Laundry Detergent

We wash A LOT of beds and blankets each week in our huge front loader washing machine. We need and appreciate donations of HE laundry detergent (keeps the suds down). 

Paper Products

Toilet paper and paper towels are an ongoing need at the shelter facility. No brand preference, we are happy for whatever you are willing to provide. 

Cleaning Supplies

Our volunteers work their tails off keeping the shelter clean and fresh for the dogs (and for you). We can always use bleach, Pine Sol (lemon fragrance preferred), hand sanitizer and hand soap. 

Cotton Blankets

It probably goes without saying, but many dogs need a snuggle blanket. These get worn out pretty quickly, so we are always needing to restock our supply. 

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