Financial Support

We need financial support from people who care about Dobermans and homeless dogs. We ask our adopters for adoption donations which often reimburses much of the expense associated with the veterinary care we have provided for the dog that is being adopted. We set our adoption donation level based on how adoptable we believe the dogs are. Puppies are the most adoptable, so we ask for the highest adoption donations for puppies. Mixes, which generally come into our program after being mistakenly identified as a Doberman while at a shelter, are the hardest for us to adopt. So we typically ask for less for a mix. As a result, the amount donated for each dog bears no relationship to the veterinary expenses that we have incurred for that dog. Rather than have a dog's chance at finding a forever home artificially diminished by the expenses we incurred for him, we try to "price to the market." As a result, we lose money on dogs that incur a lot of vet expenses, and make a little on the ones that need less expensive vet care. Over the course of the year it generally seems to average out pretty well when we are able to supplement our adoption donations with funds donated by our supporters. We manage our funds carefully and stretch every dollar. We always pay our vet bills and as a result, we have long term relationships with wonderful vets who are very knowledgeable about Dobermans.

In addition to what we pay our vets, we regularly spend money on Frontline for flea prevention, heartworm preventive, dog and kennel care supplies, and dog food. Often our volunteers simply purchase supplies out of their own pockets. We purchase dog food from Sam's Club. We buy the Members Mark adult dog food in the yellow bag. We find it is comparable to Pedigree. We need to make regular payments for our food so your financial support is critical to the ongoing mission of Doberman Rescue of North Texas.

If you would care to make a donation, we have a PayPal account that allows you to do so online. PayPal charges a fee for each transaction, so if you want to make your dollars go as far as possible, please send your donation in by mail.

Click here to use PayPal.

If you would care to mail in a donation, click here for our mailing address.

All donations are used to pay for out of pocket expenses incurred to operate Doberman Rescue of North Texas. We pay no salary or wages, all the work is done by hard working, unpaid volunteers.

Occasionally we take in a dog with very severe medical issues that cost thousands of dollars to remedy. When that occurs, we post a special appeal on our website and ask for help caring for a particular dog. We wish to thank everyone who has so generously has helped us make ends meet over the years and allowed us to provide top quality veterinary care to our Dobermans.

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