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We are a dedicated group of Doberman lovers.

Our operation is headquartered at the property of Julie Munford and Bruce Rogers where we have built a shelter to house the rescue dogs in our care. The shelter is heated and air conditioned to keep the dogs comfortable, has a built-in sound system that allows us to pipe relaxing classical music into the runs to calm the dogs, and was designed with sky-lights to allow the dogs to have natural light each day, even if they don't get to go into the play yards. Our 52.5 square foot kennel runs were designed with the input of USDA APHIS veterinarians and are sized to accommodate two dogs each with room to play. They have automatic water bowls, so the dogs always have a ready supply of fresh water, and are each equipped with a rest bench over the drainage trough at the rear of the run so the dogs can sleep up off the floor.

Every day, the runs are cleaned by a volunteer and rinsed with a dog-safe Chlorine solution to kill germs and eliminate smells. The dogs get some one-on-one time, are fed their dinner, and given any medication they need.

Some of our volunteers only come to the rescue on weekday evenings to care for the dogs. Most also come on Sunday to participate in Open House. Our group is close-knit and mutually supportive.

Doberman Rescue of North Texas receives outstanding support from the Doberman Pinscher Club of Dallas. Many of the DRNT volunteers are members of the DPCD. The DPCD annual awards banquet in January is attended by both organizations. It is the occasion for the rescue's annual award to the rescuer who is "Life Saver of the Year." The synergy between the two organizations is impressive and something of which we are all proud.

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Would you enjoy being a part of Rescue?

Are you a Doberman lover, wondering what it would be like to volunteer for rescue? Bring your dog and come out to Open House on Sunday. Meet other Doberman lovers and let your dog make friends too! See what we do and decide if you think it would be fun.

Has your Doberman passed away, you miss the breed, yet you are not ready to bring another into your life? We understand. Maybe a warm head in your lap to pet, someone leaning on your leg, or a scared dog who appreciates the companionship of having her ears gently rubbed would help heal with the hole in your heart.

Do you want to meet some really fun people who share your love of Dobermans? We have FUN together.

Are you thinking of adopting a Doberman but you would like to learn more about the breed? Come to Open House and meet some Dobermans.

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