All directors, officers, and members serve purely as volunteers. We have no paid employees. We purchase veterinary services from outstanding vets at very generous discounts.

Membership is earned through volunteer service for Doberman Rescue of North Texas

Board of Directors

  • Chairperson: Julie Munford
  • Board Members: Lynn Eggers, Tracy Charters.


  • President: Julie Munford
  • Secretary: Tracy Charters
  • Treasurer: Lynn Eggers

Active Members

Anisha Arun, Forrest Barnette, Sarah Metler Bulleri, Steve Bulleri, Stephen Carnes, Mike Chapman, Steve Charters, Tracy Charters, Charles Daniels, Annette DiMarco, Lynn Eggers, Angie Elkins, Joe Fernandez, Debbie Gabriel, Mark Griffin, Michelle Griffin, Ray Henry, Charlene Herodes, Paul Jarvis, Bill Lamedica, Willi Lamedica, Erika Langello, Diane Lovin, Iwona Marcinkowska, Max Montgomery, Julie Munford, Arun Natarajan, John Pautsky, Donna Peck, Renee Reinke, Carla Scannicchio, Jeff Smith, John Stancoff, Holly Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Martin Thomas, Megan Tiedtke, Michael Uskovich, Ruby Vansickle, Nandhini Velusamy, Martha Ward, Natalie Wells, Sabrina Wise.

Temporarily Inactive Members

Steve Charters, James Lohaus

If you think you should be listed as a member but do not see you name here, please email Donna. If we have moved you to the temporarily inactive list and you want to get more involved again, email Julie and she can help you fit the jobs that need to be done into your schedule. Note that several of the volunteer jobs can be done from home, even if you live across the country, provided you have internet access and a low/no cost long disance plan for your phone.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Volunteers who have served the dogs regularly for over six months may request to adopt a dog, when approved by our board, for the listed adoption fee or the vet care expenses we have incurred, whichever is less.

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