Placing Your Dog

If you have a dog you think you need to place, we may be able to help! We strive to be non-judgemental and helpful.

For a variety of reasons, people sometimes need to find a home for their pet. While we consider our own dogs to be members of our family for life, we know that not everyone can take this position. We also know that kind-hearted people who find and save the lives of stray dogs are often only able to offer temporary homes.

If you are having to relocate to rental acccommodation and are having a hard time finding an apartment that allows dogs, you should give Zumper a try.

We are sometimes able to take custody of such dogs. This depends on the availability of space in our shelter. If we are able to do so, we require you to sign a release and we ask you to make a donation to help defray our expenses. We will also ask you to prepare a written description of life with the dog to help us inform potential adopters of the dog's characteristics. Dogs that are released to us become pat of our program and are listed on our Rescue Dogs page.

When we cannot take custody of your dog, there is the possibility we can place the dog on our referral list and direct telephone and/or email inquiries inquiries to you. To be listed the dog must be spayed or neutered. Please prepare a description of life with the dog to inform potential adopters of the dog's characteristics and send us several close up pictures of the dog.

Our referral list works best for purebred Dobermans in the North Texas area.

Please call or email us us when the dog is adopted.

Important Information

Placing your dog requires you to interview people who are interested in adopting. Your dog's happiness depends on your ability to make sure the adopter will give your dog a loving home.

It is important your are completely honest with the people who call about your dog.

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