We always need help taking care of the dogs and operating the rescue. We have all sorts of different jobs that need to be done. So whether you are looking for a real hands-on experience with the dogs, or you would prefer to help by dealing with adopters or doing paperwork, we can use you. We can accommodate people who are only available for a couple of hours once a month, or people who would like to spend several hours a week.

If you enjoy spending time with Dobermans, why not come out to the rescue and have fun with us. Every Sunday, during Open House, we pressure wash and clean the runs, scrub all the water buckets, and wash all the food bowls. This work normally starts around 9:30 a.m. and goes until finished, usually by noon.

During Open House we bathe and care for the dogs, take photos for the website, exercise and play with them, and show them to adopters. We have play yards we turn groups of compatible dogs out in so they can romp and run.

At about 2:00 p.m. we feed the rescue dogs and then often relax under the trees with our own dogs and a cool drink.

Weekdays and weekends, we need help every day to feed the dogs and clean the kennel runs. If you are free after work during the week we can always use help for our evening cleaning and feeding. This usually happens around 5:00 and doesn't take more than 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how long you like to play with the dogs as you feed and care for them.

Are you available to transport dogs from time to time? Several times a week we need someone to pick up a dog from Doberhof and transport it to our vet or bing it back, pick up a dog from a shelter and bring it to Doberhof, or make a long distance trip pick up a dogs from somewhere several hours away. If you think you might be able to help out once in a while, tell us so we know to give you a call when the need arises.

Do you have some time during the day to screen adopters? This typically involves some computer and telephone work. Help a dog find a home by helping us determine whether an adopter offers a home that is appropriate for a Doberman.

If you are inexperienced with dog training, but would like to learn more, we can teach you how, and give you a dog to be "your" rescue dog here at rescue. You will get to know him or her extremely well and learn how to have the dog sit, stay, down, and recall on command.

Email Julie and let her know if you are interested in volunteering and what you would like to do. We would love your help.

Community Service

Dallas County Courts, especially the juvenile division, allow people who are required to perform community service to do it at Doberman Rescue of North Texas. Please call in advance so we know to expect you. We ask that you show up on Sunday morning at 9:30, dressed for the weather, and plan to stay until 3:30. It you think you will get hungry or thirsty, please bring a lunch and a drink with your name written on the bag. We have a refrigerator you can put them in. You may end up scooping poop, walking dogs, cleaning runs, mowing play yards, clearing brush, or helping out in other ways.

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