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Become a Foster Home


Most of our rescue dogs live at the rescue in our shelter building. However, we also use foster homes for the dogs that need extra care or socialization. Often the dogs are pretty scared when they get here from a shelter. A few weeks of tender loving care, good food, lots of attention, housebreaking, and love can transform a dog from fearful to outgoing and ready for a home. If a dog needs to gain weight, be nursed through an illness, or spend some time recuperating from surgery, a foster home is invaluable.

Before we allow people to foster we need to get to know you! If you would like to foster, please email Julie and let her know, but don't be upset if we ask you to volunteer for a while before you get your first foster dog.


Sunday Adoptions

The problem that many foster homes encounter is making sure they can bring the foster dog to Doberhof each Sunday for adoptions. People get busy and this can be hard to schedule every week. If people cannot see a dog, the dog will not get adopted. That is why we try to add a notation to the listings of dogs who are being fostered and don't necessarily come every week.


Evaluation and Updates

We will ask you to provide short written updates so we can add information to the dog's listing on our rescue dog page. We will also ask for your help in evaluating potential adopters that are interested in the dog you are fostering.


Support for Fostered Dogs

When you pick up your foster, we can provide you with a crate and blankets for the dog, as well as bowls, dog food, and any medication the dog may need. You are responsible for the TLC and affection your foster will need.


Veterinary Care

If your foster dog needs veterinary care, the rescue will pay for it provided you go to our vet, the Eastern Hills Pet Hospital on Meadowbrook in East Fort Worth. We need you to call before you take the dog in so we can let them know the services have been approved.

Keep in Mind...

Fostering is temporary. The dog remains the property of Doberman Rescue of North Texas and must be returned when we request. However, if the dog steals your heart, we do not have a rule against foster homes adopting the dogs they care for.

Also, please remember that when you agree to foster a dog you agree to take responsibility for that dog's actions. If the dog tears up your house, urinates on your favorite Persian carpet, ruins your landscaping, terrifies your cat, or snacks on the back seat of your car, that is your responsibility as the person controlling the dog.


Doberman Rescue of North Texas cannot reimburse you for any damage you sustain. We would be glad to loan you a crate so you can crate train the dog and limit his access to your house when he is unsupervised.

To ensure we are all on the same page, we will require you to sign the first two waivers from our adoption contract making you responsible for any damage, injury, or death that the dog might cause.

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